Why We Choose Rural

We love the history and community that only small-town can provide. Knowing your neighbor, even though they are a pasture or two away! There is a certain pride and resilience that rural living creates. As parents, we are passionate about ensuring there is a thriving, connected community for our kids to come home to.

Our Story

Both born and raised in La Grange, TX, Brandon and Britney Schielack made the choice to move back full-time in 2012. “We wanted to raise our kids in an environment that reflected our family values like love, respect, and education.”

After more than a decade in student housing real estate, the couple realized their true passion: community development. They launched their new venture The PlatForum in 2017 and worked to implement youth and community development programs in their hometown.

They want others to experience the life-changing opportunities living rural can provide. Get re-connected to the environment, creativity, and community.

Meet the Team

Building thriving, purpose-driven communities that grow in a sustainable way and recover as a unit.

And, loving every minute of it!

Britney Schielack

Co – Founder & CEO

Brandon Schielack

Co – Founder & Director Strategic Partnerships

Connect with us…

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