Abram experiencing social entrepreneurship and the ranching business.

For Parents/Guardians

Programs start for youth ages 7 and up. Help your child discover something they are passionate about by exploring real career opportunities.

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Cullen with mentor Jennifer of Fayette Savings Bank in La Grange, TX.

Employers and training

Organizations looking to promote their company or product through real, community impact. Provide experiential training at your business.

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Lauren prepping for job fair.

Career readiness

Get connected to industry opportunities based on your unique interests. Be ready to navigate the workforce! For 13 and up.

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Experiential Learning Programs

The PlatForum seeks to create a more successful school-to-career transition, by increasing experiential learning opportunities for all students.

Our method gets students out into the community, exploring different job industries and skills, and generates another layer of support for youth and educational development.

Communities can’t rely on institutions to bring innovation. As a small businesses owner and entrepreneur, you are the driving force of the local economy.

Be the mentor your community needs, while promoting and growing your business. Help youth and students at any age to identify their purpose, so they become engaged leaders, community members, team members, and employers.

The future of rural depends on it.

Next Steps…

Looking to grow your community impact, but still not sure how?

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