Stop Fundraising With Mass Produced Junk.

Most fundraising models have kids and parents peddling mass-manufactured junk. Stop sending money away from your community. Instead, earn money for your organization while supporting local businesses. Community members can choose to shop from a catalog of local products, or decide to buy online from your fundraising site. Your team members, teachers, students, and entire community will be grateful.

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Business Owners

Stop Doing What Amazon & Google Tell You.

Bring visibility to your businesses in a real way. Join a collaborative community of business owners and creators who are increasing sales and making connections. Use your products to fund raise for a local school or organization. Stop competing so much with literally everyone online, and join the movement to make local shopping, easy and fun.

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How It Works

A Better Buying Experience For Your Community.

We have all been guilty of buying something we don’t need, just to show support to a friend or family member. With our model, community members can show their support, while buying quality products and gifts. Our team carefully packages each order, using an environmentally friendly style, to ensure each item brings joy to the lucky person who opens it.

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Support Rural Creators

The PlatForum supports small businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, artisans and more. Our goal is to increase visibility and make it super fun and easy to shop local.

In addition to supporting local businesses, 15% of any item purchased is donated to participating 501c3 nonprofits.

We are asking as a collective community, that before you go to Amazon, check local first. There are so many amazing products and services to experience in your community.

You can easily find some unique ones here.

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